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Art Is Not My Business

Barron Ryan

It's time to clear up the confusion. In my last post I argued that I don't have a defined target market, yet there's an apparent contradiction in that Keyboard Confidential is most certainly not aimed for just anyone. Allow me to set the record straight.

My art has no pre-determined audience, but the forms my art takes most definitely do. Keyboard Confidential is an obvious example of the latter. It's highly unlikely that a middle school student would be able or want to host one of my home concerts. An empty-nest couple with a large home and interest in unique experiences is much more likely.

That's why I have different forms of my art for different people. Declassified is a low cost, low commitment offering most anyone can attend (like that middle-school student), while Keyboard Confidential gives personalized concerts for only a host's invited guests.

So when I talk about my 'business', I'm talking about a form of my art, not the art itself. My businesses have defined target markets like any other product or service, while my art does not. Mystery solved? You tell me.