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My Art Is For Anyone

Barron Ryan

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Art is purely self-expression. It's any way you communicate who you are to other people. That sounds nice, but it's also challenging. How do you figure out who will like your art? Or in business terms, how do you determine your market?

The short answer is that I don't. I firmly believe that fans of my art can come from any demographic, and I try to present it in a way that's attractive to anyone. It shouldn't matter if you already like piano music or not; my goal is to help you like mine.

My art is for anyone. I haven't been able to predict who will enjoy it, and I don't try to. Obviously not everyone will actually end up liking it, but my mindset is that anyone could.

"But Barron," you protest, "That's obviously not true. You have a concert series that's targeted toward a very specific market. Quit deluding yourself." Good point, but we're not talking about quite the same thing. While my art is for everyone, different forms of it are aimed for certain people. If that doesn't make sense, check back in a couple days for the explanation.