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Note from Florida

Barron Ryan

St Petersburg Sailboat Sunrise  by Matthew Paulson

Two weekends ago, I traveled to St. Petersburg, FL for one of the most energetic, conversational, and exhilarating Keyboard Confidential concerts I've ever been a part of. If that weren't enough, the delightful hosts wrote a lovely note about how special the experience was for them and their parents. I thought I'd let them brag on me by sharing that note here.

My sister and I set out to find the perfect entertainment for our parents’ 60th birthdays. We found that perfection in Keyboard Confidential with Barron Ryan! The night was a wonderfully intimate, funny, entertaining and delightful experience that our parents said they will never forget (our mom was in tears!). All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening and could not thank us enough for such a unique and fun party. It is hard to capture in words everything this evening was, but we could not have imagined a better way to celebrate our parents’ birthdays!  Thank you, Barron!
— Michelle and Claire in St. Petersburg, FL

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