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The Album Is Happening

Barron Ryan

Untitled  by huangjiahui

Untitled by huangjiahui

If you've heard me perform since Classical with Attitude came out two years ago, you know about the album I've been working on since then called The Masters' Apprentice. And if you were wishing it'd be out by now, you're not alone. I was hoping the same thing.

But now I have good news; I'm making serious progress on learning the new music and can see the end in sight. As of right now, I have transcribed nine out of the thirteen tracks on the album, and hope to be able to play those by the end of the summer. That leaves just four more to learn by the end of the year—completely doable.

As for the album release, I'm planning for big things. This is a big opportunity to reach new audiences through regional and national news outlets. To that end, I'll be focusing my efforts not just on recording the music, but on maximizing the album's publicity with videos and other strategies to be revealed later.

So stay on the lookout over the next several months as I release more updates on the progress of The Masters' Apprentice. I'll keep you posted as I develop strategy for the release, record the album, and do most everything else. Let's do this.