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Note from Yelp

Barron Ryan

What about using Keyboard Confidential for a business—does that work? Absolutely, as proven by last month's concert for the Yelp Elites in Tulsa. I partnered with my college classmate and friend Sarah Morgan for a classy and unique evening, and here's what she had to say about it.

Keyboard Confidential is a Tulsa treasure. It is a truly unique, interactive, educational and most of all a memorable event. The Yelp Tulsa community was enriched by its charm and character as Barron provides a balance of performance and engagement like no other. If you are looking to give thanks to a particular group, give the gift of this treasured experience.

Working with Barron will give you a new professional best friend. He wants to know about his audience and cultivate a performance that will uniquely engage your group. Aside from prompt responses and having a ton of fun planning with him, his creativity and passion for a truly memorable experience will leave you with complete admiration.
— Sarah Morgan, Yelp Tulsa