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The Concert Comes to You

Barron Ryan

Tulsa-based pianist Barron Ryan is giving party hosts everywhere a new reason to invite their friends over with his new ongoing house concert series, Keyboard Confidential. To make his solo piano music even more intimate, Ryan will work with individuals to bring awe-inspiring performances to their own homes.

“My favorite part of playing the piano is connecting with the audience,” Ryan explained. “This setting allows for that in the easiest possible way. We all just get together to enjoy the host’s hospitality, each other’s company, and some good music.”

The idea of home concerts came to the pianist as he was searching for new performance opportunities to promote his recent album release, Classical with Attitude.

“It’s a long and time-consuming effort to attract the attention of larger, public venues,” he said. “As I was about to start pursuing them, it occurred to me that I know quite a few people who own pianos, and they might like it if I came over to play for their friends. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got, and now I’m thrilled that it’s coming to fruition.”

Though he will begin in his hometown of Tulsa, Ryan plans to expand this new initiative to include national and even international destinations. As he gains a larger following, he hopes to then attract the attention of more public venues.

“This is one step to bring my music to the ears of more people,” he said. “It’s perfect because it uses the resources and skills I have right now, while helping me further my other performance goals.”

Ryan is available for Keyboard Confidential engagements immediately, and hopes to begin traveling with the series soon. If the project goes according to plan, he’ll soon be coming to a home near you.

For more information about Barron performing at your home, please visit his Keyboard Confidential information page.