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Ready, Set, Wait

Barron Ryan

Announcing my plans to announce a crowdfunding campaign

I had a revelation earlier this month; releasing a new album is a big deal, so I should try to get as much out of the occasion as possible. That should have been obvious, but when you spend the majority of your work day at a piano, you tend to lose perspective.

How can I maximize the release of The Masters' Apprentice? Killer artwork, for one (Nathan Harmon and the Moncrief + Rains team will be getting calls from me very soon). Boss videos for two. And the biggest boon to an event's exposure: publicity. I fully expect that this album will be good enough to be featured in national news publications, but I need people to make that happen.

This is all very exciting, but none of it is free. Doing the release right will require a serious amount of capital that alas, I don't have lying around. But then I had another revelation occurred; I can crowdfund this!

So that's what I'm going to do … just not quite yet. The music is still several months away from being ready, so the crowdfunding campaign won't start until early 2016. That's just as well, since that gives me plenty of time to prepare for a wildly successful campaign and album release. Stay tuned for more!