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Readjusting Expectations

Barron Ryan

Silk Road #8   by Johnathan Kos-Read

Silk Road #8 by Johnathan Kos-Read

I think dreaming big is great (clearly, because planning for an outstanding future is part of how I get stuff done). But no amount of preparation can anticipate every obstacle that may emerge along the way. What happens to that goal of releasing your piano album next year if you get a hand injury (true story)?

That's why I find it important to readjust my expectations as needed. One of my long-term goals is developing absolute pitch. I honestly don't know if that's going to happen, much less how it would. I believe that it will because that's probably the only way it can, but I also realize that it might not. That's okay. I'll keep readjusting expectations for my big dreams, and someday one of them might come true.