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Note to Uncommon Schools


Dear Uncommon Schools,

I ardently admire your work. From the alacrity with which I was invited to perform at Troy Prep Elementary School to the effortful intentionality of your teachers and staff, you accept no excuses on your paths to excellence. Thank you for the example you set.

I'm writing because I want to encourage your students. I want to encourage them to be diligent (like my awaking at 5:30 am each morning to ensure at least five hours at the piano), to push past failure (like when I got rejected to multiple graduate schools yet kept performing), and to care for one another—that I can demonstrate only in person.

Why would you invite me to your school? Well, I can tell captivating stories, as evidenced by the video above. I can also play the piano fairly well, as demonstrated by the performance below. But the best reason for me to work with your students is this letter of recommendation from John Burmeister, performing arts teacher at Troy Prep Elementary School. I'd love to be an encouragement for your students like I was for John's.

If you're interested, please contact me to discuss what a visit to your school could look like. I'm happy to develop an age-appropriate curriculum that would impact your students in whatever time we have available (as I did at Troy Prep). Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Barron Ryan

We had students that never had the opportunity to really express themselves until Barron came to teach them. His incredible student connection allowed that to happen. We are so lucky that he will coming back to teach a new group of students next year.
— Samantha DeLuke, Elementary School Principal, Troy Preparatory Charter School