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$43K raised of $141K Goal!

Learn how to contribute below.

Learn how to contribute below.

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Friends, we have a lot to be excited about. My recent album, The Masters' Apprentice, is fully launched, and it's only the beginning.

My team and I are on the cusp of some exciting possibilities, such as:

  • Presenting performances for music industry professionals in multiple cities
  • Partnering with a big-time booking agency
  • Finding a major touring act in whose concerts I can perform as an opener
  • Engaging a record label to distribute future albums
  • Hiring a radio promoter so my music can be heard by thousands more people
  • Maybe booking national television appearances

But achieving these goals will require considerable resources. The funds raised will go toward:

  • Consistent online content creation
  • Dedicated practice and studio space
  • Travel budget for crucial meetings and performances
  • Public relations and radio promotion
  • Advertising

All this and more plans in the works would dramatically propel me toward my vision of becoming the Yo-Yo Ma of the piano, and my mission of communicating that your worth is inherent, and with that assurance it’s your responsibility to make first yourself and then your world better.

So if you'd like to help me create an imperfect pursuit of a better world, you can mail a contribution (please include your email address if you'd like to stay in touch!) to:

Barron Ryan
1611 S Utica Ave.
Suite 501
Tulsa, OK 74104

Or give online:

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Monthly Online Giving

Lastly, if you know anyone who might appreciate this project, please share it with them by forwarding this page or even hosting an event where I can share with them directly. Use the contact form to ask additional questions. Let's get this done!



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