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Smile (Old)

Our promotion was a success for both of us and we had a blast working on the material together. Barron has a great sense for business and it was a pleasure gaining insight from his strong understanding of branding.
— Ryan Fleming, Owner, Fleming's Comfort Footwear

Hi. I'm Barron Ryan, pianist and musical storyteller in the Tulsa, OK area. I've spent my entire career figuring out how to engage audiences with music almost no one listens to and, as a result, may be of service to you.

If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to accomplish two crucial goals: delight existing customers and attract new ones. I've found that focusing on the former provides a better return because it:

  1. Is easier.
  2. Provides a higher success rate.
  3. Usually leads to new customers anyway.

That's where I come in. As you can tell from the video above, I'm rather good at using stories to connect with audiences, and would be delighted to do so on your behalf. That could be through a social media campaign like I did with Fleming's Comfort Footwear, a performance as with Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, both, or something else entirely.

Because of this possible collaboration, you're likely to receive an enthusiastic response from your customer base because they're enjoying a terrific story, associating that story with you, and appreciating your support of a local artist.

In return, I'm asking for your help in molding my smile into its best possible form. I aim to make it as easy as possible for audiences to become engrossed in a performance, and your orthodontic expertise would go a long way toward that goal.

If you're at all interested in continuing this discussion, please contact me so that we can meet to see what a partnership might look like. Thank you for considering this, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Barron Ryan

P.S. For further evidence of my ability to connect with people, see this Tulsa World article, this page about the launch of my new album (for which I've raised over $34K in three months), and the video below.

When we approached Barron about headlining our event, he immediately became immersed in the process. He connected with our staff, volunteers and recipients in a way that was unexpected. The results were spectacular. Of course his performance was marvelous, but the appeal for support of our mission at the end of his performance was masterful. It really impacted our value proposition and our bottom line.
— Calvin Moore, President and CEO, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa