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Quality Stuff

Hi, Barron here. Quality Stuff features people and companies I love to associate with because their work is solid, they want my life to be better because of our interaction, and they support me in my performing. If you ever have reason to need any of their products or services, don't hesitate to contact them.

Melissa Fabian and J. Hilburn

If you've ever seen me in person, you know that I like to look good. I want my clothes to fit, be high quality, and embody my Classic Meets Cool persona. Nowhere have I found a better combination of those features than in Melissa Fabian and J. Hilburn.

Melissa makes sure that I'm completely satisfied with the impressively customized clothes I get from the men's custom clothier, J. Hilburn. She uses my exact measurements so that my wardrobe fits impeccably, offers sound style advice when I'm not sure how to choose, and generally makes me grateful to work with her because of how she expresses her genuine concern for me.

So if you know a man (including yourself) who A) likes clothes but hates shopping, B) wants garments that actually fit, or C) enjoys looking amazing, do yourself a favor and contact Melissa Fabian. You won't be disappointed.


see j. hilburn's full line of clothing here.