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Now for Anyone's Eyes

Barron Ryan

Barron Ryan has performed all over the world, but he wanted more chances to share his music with the community in Tulsa, OK, his hometown. The solution? A public version of his private concert series called Keyboard Confidential: Declassified (KCD).

“The essence of my private performances is an intimacy and accessibility that can be lost in a large concert hall,” Ryan says. “I wanted to open up that experience to absolutely anyone, and think that this is a great way to do that.”

Ryan has teamed up with The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa to perform monthly concerts at AHHA in downtown Tulsa from June to November in 2014. To maintain an intimate atmosphere, attendance will be limited to about thirty guests. Ryan and the Council hope that the concerts will broaden support of the arts, and introduce the arts to new audiences.

The admission price for KCD is unconventional, and that’s how Ryan wants it. “At the end of the concert, you can choose to either pay $10 or share on social media about the concert,” he explains. “I think the audience will get something of value out of the performance, so I want them to have the chance to offer something of value in return.”

Reservations are required to attend KCD, and will be offered through varying media outlets. To increase their chances of getting a ticket, Ryan recommends that fans keep in touch with him however they can. “I’ll post tickets through any of my social media outlets, so be on the lookout. Wherever they are, they probably won’t last long.”

Update (4 Aug 2014): The title of Keyboard Confidential: Declassified has been shortened to simply Declassified. This makes for much easier tweeting.