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Public Shows


If you're searching for one performer who possesses jaw-dropping skill, amazing versatility, and irresistible charm, look no further. Barron Ryan has been honing each of those skills since he started performing concerts at age 6, and has only gotten better since. His performances are at times light, powerful, and poignant, but are always imbued with confident humility as Barron relates to the audience through stories drawn from his own life.

Barron plays a number of genres including jazz, classical, ragtime and pop, but emphasizes a narrative arc to the program that can engage audience members of all ages and interests. View a sample program here, then use the Contact page to arrange a Barron Ryan appearance at your venue.

It was the emotive quality of his playing … that made for a captivating ride that not only entertained, but also connected and communicated with the audience in a singular fulfilling way.
— Gary Payne, Director, Kensington Concert Series