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Private Concerts


Hosting Barron Ryan in a private concert can make you a hero. How? By providing an unforgettable way to give a gift, celebrate success, express thanks, or enrich community. Such experiences have left guests in rapturous awe over the incredibly impactful performances that Barron presents in intimate settings.

My participation at your event can be as brief as a single tune or as long as a full concert. Either way, the result might just leave you like one first-time host in Tulsa, OK, who exclaimed after the event, "I want to host another one!" (A few months later, she did.) Use the Contact page to explore the possibility of hosting your own private concert.

Having Barron Ryan perform in our home was a wonderful celebration! His music would, in itself, provide a delightful evening’s entertainment, but the experience he brings is more than the beautiful and varied music he plays. Unlike any other concert I’ve attended, Barron engages the audience in a musical dialogue as he answers questions and gives insight about the music he plays. Breaking down the ‘invisible wall’ between performer and audience, he allows the listener to become a participant.
— Stacey in Tulsa, OK