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Whether your students are in kindergarten or graduate school, Barron can craft a performance or workshop experience that will leave them inspired to reach higher, work harder, and—of course—practice. He has made such appearances all over the United States, including an elementary school workshop in Troy, NY, high school performances in Tulsa, OK, and college performances across the Midwest.

At the core of Barron's educational engagement is an authentic vulnerability that reminds students that it's okay to fail and better yet to press onward. He is more than willing to create a curriculum that fits your exact needs, so get in touch to begin a discussion of what a Barron Ryan appearance at your school could look like.

Letter of recommendation from John Burmeister, Performing Arts Teacher at Troy Preparatory Charter School, available upon request.

The most remarkable part of Mr. Ryan’s visit was how inspiring he was to our students. Not only did he instantly connect with our fourth graders, but by talking through his own aspirations as a musician and global citizen, he encouraged them to be the best version of themselves.
— John Burmeister, Performing Arts Teacher, Troy Preparatory Charter School