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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking to inspire an audience through captivating storytelling and Classic Meets Cool music, you've come to the right place. Barron Ryan is the ideal choice for venues as large and small, and audiences young and old. Read on to learn more about hiring Barron to perform for your event.

What type of music does Barron play?

Barron performs music that tells a story. His interest lies not just in being entertaining, but in captivating audiences through funny, poignant, and honest accounts of his music and life. If you insist upon knowing what genres he plays, they currently include classical, jazz, and ragtime (and maybe a little satirical hip-hop).

In what settings will Barron perform?

Think of Barron as an inspirational speaker who happens to play the piano really well, and you'll get a good idea of appropriate performance settings. They include concert halls, fundraising events, corporate retreats, conferences, colleges, and even homes. Barron can tailor his concerts to your specific needs.

WHAT EQUIPMENT does barron require?

The equipment required depends upon the purpose and details of your event, but at a minimum includes a tuned baby grand piano for an intimate home concert. Grander events may call for a larger piano, an elevated stage, projectors with screens, a sound system, and microphones for speaking and the piano.

Does Keyboard Confidential still exist?

Keyboard Confidential, Barron's private concert experience, remains strong in concept but not in name. Barron would be delighted to combine music and conversation for 20–40 of your guests, but also wanted to convey that he'll happily play for more people as well. Thus, the title Keyboard Confidential is now retired.

I want to hire Barron for an event. What should I do?

Excellent question! Contact us here.

Barron’s performance was flawless and held the audience at attention from start to finish.
— Lisa in Norman, OK