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Leave It to the Experts

Barron Ryan

It's a good idea to leave really important things to the experts, and be specific only where you need to be. I knew what content my new brochure needed to have, but outside of that tried to describe only the effect the finished product should have.* That left the design team free to use their expertise to produce the best possible result.

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Sense of Urgency

Barron Ryan

Through a combination of being around other entrepreneurs, reading more books, and increasing my fee (!), I realized something. Keyboard Confidential needed to do more than be a terrific time for a small group of people—it needed to solve a problem. By doing so, it would be more valuable for prospective hosts, which means I'd get more bookings.

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Behind the Scenes: Clothing Partnership

Barron Ryan

This is a big moment. Last week I announced my new partnership with Melissa Fabian, Tulsa-based stylist for the men's clothier J. Hilburn (here's the press release). I'm crazy excited to sport my new clothes at upcoming performances, but that's not nearly the only reason I decided to work with Melissa.

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