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Notes from Bartlesville


Notes from Bartlesville

Barron Ryan

The fine people of Bartlesville, OK had some lovely things to say about my visit to their Symphony Orchestra last week. Read on to see what I mean.

Barron has a wonderful combination of technical artistry and ingratiating personality that really sells his performances, whether pops or classical, solo or with orchestra. I look forward, as does the entire Bartlesville Symphony, to our next opportunity to perform with Barron.
— Lauren Green, Music Director-Conductor, Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra

Read Maestro Lauren Green’s entire recommendation letter HERE.

Barron Ryan is a fantastic and enthusiastic performer! His lively presence and mastery on the piano are a sight to behold and hear for any audience. Mr. Ryan not only gave a tremendous solo performance with the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra, he also provided pre-concert educational performances for a local elementary school. In addition to his musical acumen, Mr. Ryan was eager, willing, and a professional when it came to promotions for the show—from tv to radio and social media in between. I whole heartily recommend Barron Ryan as a performer, entertainer, and music educator.
— Molly Collins, Operations Director, Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra
Barron’s performance was so kid friendly.  From the pieces he choose on the piano, to the beat boxing, to the rap he wrote and had the students perform with him and then the Dr. Seuss book that he rapped…..he did not speak over their heads, but put things in a simple, understandable way.....made music seem easy!!!!!
— Darlys Lickliter, Music Teacher, Wilson Elementary School