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Note from iCF

Barron Ryan

Sometimes I partner with businesses to combine their message with my own. In the case of an event with The Institute for Conversational Fundraising, it turned out pretty well.

I can’t say enough to thank Barron Ryan for his outstanding performance at last month’s special event, Playing It Forward: Lessons in Wildly Successful Fundraising. To call it a performance, however, is a grave disservice. Barron doesn’t ‘perform’ so much . . . it’s more of his ‘being’.

· Barron doesn’t just play the piano . . . he coaxes beautiful messages out of the piano.
· Barron doesn’t act interesting . . . he is interesting.
· Barron doesn’t try to inspire people . . . he is inspiring.
· Barron doesn’t dream of success . . . he is successful. In every sense of the word.

I could go on and on about Barron, but I think you get the idea.

Our guests at the event that evening were drawn in to Barron through his message of ambition, endeavor, struggle, resilience and success. Through Barron’s candor and authenticity the audience was drawn to our organization – The Institute for Conversational Fundraising. This one evening fostered close relationships with our guests like nothing else had. Or could have.

They were blown away.

I was blown away.

If you ever wish to engage your friends and colleagues in a way that is genuine, captivating, motivating, and ongoing, do yourself a favor: Call on Barron to leverage your message in a way that will also elevate your own standing with the audience.

I did and I’m forever grateful that he said ‘Yes.’
— Kent Stroman, CFRE Author, Speaker, Consultant, President of The Institute for Conversational Fundraising