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Note from Linda

Barron Ryan

This kind note says it all, so I'll let it.

Enriching community, expressing thanks, celebrating success and gift-giving were all involved when we used the excuse of Mother and Dad’s ‘milestone season’ (65th anniversary, 95th and 90th birthdays within a few months of each other) to celebrate longevity by presenting a Keyboard Confidential gift to their beloved Inverness Village community in Tulsa. Barron was easy to work with, planning a program of repertoire that would be familiar to the guests and also meaningful to Mother and Dad.

The result was a resounding success. The way Barron handled an impromptu request of Fats Waller’s ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’ was masterful (may have been the highlight of the concert for me). During the program Barron’s playing ranged from beautiful and moving to flashy and energetic. His breath-taking technique was balanced by tender touches of sensitivity. In addition, he was able to quickly establish a rapport with the audience that was disarming as it was entertaining.

Here’s what one resident wrote to Mother and Dad the next day: ‘Barron Ryan is a great master of the piano and he also keeps his audience hanging onto his every word.’ Clearly, our goal of offering something truly unique, enlightening and enjoyable to the Inverness community was accomplished beautifully.
— Linda Mitchell Fields, Tulsa