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The Practice Unit

Barron Ryan

What do you get when you combine a practice room and a storage unit? You guessed it: a Practice Unit.

Here’s the deal. Since I graduated from college over six years ago, I’ve been a professional pianist without his own instrument. I’ve been practicing on any piano that was available: my parents’, my high school’s, my church’s, etc. Seriously, that’s been the case for the last six years.

Earlier this year, I finally bought my own piano, a beautiful 1923 Chickering. But a nice grand piano couldn’t do me much good in my second-floor studio apartment. So it sat on its side in storage, waiting for me to set it up and play it.

Now the wait is over. Thanks to very gracious management, I’ve found a climate-controlled storage unit where I can practice to my heart’s content. Sure, there are some noises in the background and sure, the lights go off if nothing moves for a while, but doggone it if I don’t have my own space to practice my own piano. So if you need me during weekday business hours, you know where I’ll be.