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Farewell, Video Games

Barron Ryan

Last week I started playing the video game Two Dots, and it was a delightful pastime. I loved the competition, analysis, and elegance of the whole experience, and would play whenever I had a little time to kill.

The problem was that I kept creating more time that needed to be killed by playing this game. I noticed I was getting too attached when I'd sneak out my phone to play the game while socializing with other people. My mother would have tisked me.

The last straw happened as I was going to sleep one night and couldn't stop fantasizing about beating a particularly hard Two Dots level. That was too far. If I'm going to expend creative energy, it should be on something edifying.

I don't think video games are bad, or even that Two Dots is. I just recognized that I had an unproductive attachment to a really well-made game. I've since deleted the app and resisted my sporadic urges to reinstall it. Now I'll have all the time in the world to think through my next piano arrangement. 'Single Ladies', here I come.