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Try, Try Again

Barron Ryan

Target at archery range  by Peter Thoeny

Target at archery range by Peter Thoeny

Last week I told this rosy story about how the vague instructions I gave to a graphic design team magically turned into a beautiful brochure. But I left out how I gave them poor instructions and had to change the design (after having everything printed and assembled). Now you get to hear that part of the story.

It wasn't until after I wrote out the copy and had the brochure designed that I realized I had a problem. There was too much to read. This concern was confirmed by helpful friends, and now I had gorgeous marketing material that might not be fully utilized. Boo. 

So I could either hand out brochures I was a little embarrassed about, or I could fix them at additional cost. I opted to fix them. Honestly, I probably could have distributed the originals, but I didn't feel comfortable with that. So much of sales depends upon confidence, which is why I was willing to pay more to hand out something I was really proud of.

Is my brochure perfect now? Of course not, but I made it as good as was feasible this time around. There will be more improvements as I get additional insight and feedback, and I'll try, try again.