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Leave It to the Experts

Barron Ryan

Keyboard Confidential's marketing message was changing, so it needed a radically new brochure. The old pitch was 'This is a great time for you and your friends. Now host one.' The new message is 'Whether you want to enrich your community, express thanks, celebrate success, or give a gift, Keyboard Confidential can make you a hero.'

So the format for my old brochure was not going to work. I needed to educate readers about how Keyboard Confidential would work in any of those four contexts without boring them to death, and the design of this new brochure would be crucial. That was an issue though, because I had no idea what it should look like.

So I went to the Moncrief + Rains Design Group for help. (They're the brilliant team that designed the Barron Ryan logo, the Classical with Attitude album, and almost anything of mine that looks really good.) I told them what had to be in the new brochure (an intro, four how-to guides, and the sample event timeline) and how the reader should use it (read the intro, then access the appropriate guide), then said "You take it from here!"

Did they ever. As you can see in the photo above, they put together delightful brochure (if you can call it that) that displays all the necessary content with Keyboard Confidential-appropriate panache. The introduction is taped on the left, with the guides and timeline stair-stacked in the folder on the right. The layout is better than I could have even dreamed of.

And that's why it's a good idea to leave really important things to the experts, and be specific only where you need to be. I knew what content my new brochure needed to have, but outside of that tried to describe only the effect of the finished product.* That left the design team free to use their expertise, which produced the best possible result.

See the new Keyboard Confidential message here.


* - Truthfully, I was a little more specific than I needed to be, but the designers knew to ignore that instruction.