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Note from Tulsa

Barron Ryan

Two weekends ago, another Keyboard Confidential concert produced another pair of overjoyed hosts! Thanks to David and Julia for throwing a terrific party, asking me to perform at it, and then writing this beautiful note. And now I must add more text so the cool photo on the right is balanced on this side. It's hard work, but somebody's got to do … okay, we're good.

Barron Ryan’s Keyboard Confidential is an extraordinary experience. From start to finish…pre-show to post-show, and everything in between…Barron is the epitome of organization and professionalism, handled with grace and class. In his personal interactions as well as in his performing, Barron is engaging, charismatic, witty, thoughtful. (Yes, he is ALL those things, and, no, I am not his mother.) But a word about his keyboard skills: Barron is exceptionally and extraordinarily talented. Basically, he will knock your socks off. Whether you are a seasoned musician or a novice, young or old, you will love this show. And one of the best things about Keyboard Confidential is getting to share such an amazing, thrilling experience with your guests.

‘Good friends. Great music.’ How can it get better than that?!
— Julia in Tulsa, OK