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The Most Important Subject

Barron Ryan

Old School textbooks  by Rina Pitucci

Old School textbooks by Rina Pitucci

Do you remember wondering how your high school education was actually going to apply to real life? I certainly do, especially in English class (or Language Arts, as I hear it's called these days). What do I care if birds appear in a scene of Tess of the d'Ubervilles? The whole book didn't make sense to me in the first place.

Though I haven't developed any more affection for some of the novels I read (I'm looking at you, Light in August), becoming a professional artist has made me appreciate English much more than my seventeen year-old self did. That's because English is essentially about communication—understanding the meaning another person is trying to convey.

And what am I doing when I tell a story during a concert, talk to a potential client, or write a blog post? Communicating. I'm trying to relate a story through words effectively so that the stories I relate through music are even more powerful. Therefore I thank you, English. You were worthwhile after all.