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The Confidence of a Solution

Barron Ryan

I used to be sheepish about Keyboard Confidential. Not that I'd be shy to tell people about it when they asked, but I was hesitant to set up meetings to discuss it. I hadn't yet realized the types of problems it could solve, so why would I seek out individuals just to tell them that they should throw a fun but not-entirely-necessary piano party?

That all has changed over the last couple months. As I wrote in this post, I discovered that there are four specific issues KC can address, and it's amazing what that has done for my confidence in approaching people about my concert series. It's no longer a matter of convincing hosts to throw a random event. Now I get to help individuals with problems they already want to solve.

Of course it didn't hurt that I'm removing my safety net, so I have little choice but to meet with more people about KC, but I wouldn't have had the confidence to do that without the certainty of the series being a solution to a problem. I can't say this enough. If you're an artist, express yourself however you like, but once you figure out how you want to do that, find at least one problem your work can solve.