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Why Keyboard Confidential?

Barron Ryan


Emphasizing home concerts may seem like a strange strategy to start a performing career. Why wouldn't I try to play public shows in performing arts centers? Isn't that what classical pianists do? Not surprisingly (if you've read this blog before), I've put a lot of thought into this. Here's why Keyboard Confidential is the right choice for me right now.

Built-In Audience

Regardless of who's presenting a concert, someone has to entice the audience to show up. For public shows, that responsibility can be too great for an unknown artist, so it's hard for them to be booked by presenting organizations. But with Keyboard Confidential, I only have to earn the trust of one person: the host. Guests come because they trust her, and then I have a captive audience of potential new fans.

Approachable Format

I want to make my art captivating to anyone who hears it, and there's no easier way I've found than a home concert. I encourage a relaxed atmosphere, tell stories people can relate to, and invite them to participate by asking questions and adding comments. As a result, I've hopefully made twenty or more new fans out of an audience who had probably never heard of me before.

Create more free time

Full disclosure here—I plan for Keyboard Confidential to be lucrative (I hope that's not a shock). The value of these home concerts is very high for some people, and I'll be very happy to receive it. But what's most important isn't the money, it's the amount of time I'll then have to work on whatever's next.

Keyboard Confidential then and now

I launched Keyboard Confidential in the summer of 2013, and I'm even prouder of it now then I was then. Now I know just powerful it can be, and am even more certain of where to go from here. So far I've performed twelve concerts, and I plan to double that number in this year. Now it's time to do work.