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Start Somewhere

Barron Ryan

Start   by eko

Start by eko

Starting is hard. You have high expectations, insufficient resources, overwhelming options, and a lingering fear that you'll fail. At some point (maybe even right now), you've put off starting, thinking that maybe the urge to create will eventually go away. But you can't shake that prodding feeling to make something new, so now's the time to do something about it.

My career reached a critical moment three and a half years ago after my dream of attending a major music conservatory came crashing down (more on that here). I wanted to step away from the classical music I had studied for nineteen years, but I still needed to create something. So naturally I started making hip-hop.

I know, it probably seems strange. The 'Classic Meets Cool' guy rapping or producing beats or whatever it is that making hip-hop entails. I knew that it was different from what people knew me for, but I needed to start somewhere. I needed to begin creating music I liked and see if I could get people to actually pay attention.

And you know what? It worked. I enjoyed my new creative outlet, a few people paid attention, and most importantly, I learned a ton. That project vastly helped inform how I communicate who I am and why my work matters, which you're getting to appreciate by reading this blog. Obviously my career has since gone in a different direction, but I'm so glad that I was willing to take the risk and try new things.

All your concerns are valid. You don't have all the money you could use, you can't use every helpful tool that's available, and you might fail. Who cares? Life is a learning experience, so get out there and figure some things out. Start somewhere, and you might be pleasantly surprised at where you end up.