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Use the Help You Ask For

Barron Ryan

help me  by nicdalic

help me by nicdalic

I knew next to nothing about business when I graduated from college. Sure, I'd worked on an entrepreneurial project one semester, but did I study about branding? No. Marketing? Nope. Sales? Definitely not. How does one learn these things? By getting help, of course.

But while asking for help requires a certain amount of humility, it's probably the easiest part of the learning process. What's more difficult is hearing the advice and actually putting it into practice. You have to admit that you've been wrong and be willing to change course.

So I turned to Tim Bickers, marketing guru and co-founder of Emerging Ideas (and close childhood friend), and asked him what I should be doing. 'Tell a story,' he said. 'Keep in touch.' 'Invite people to join you on your journey.' None of these were easy to do for someone who would prefer to spend most of his time in a practice room.

But I followed his advice, and it's paid off. The whole reason I'm writing anything for you to read is because I sought wise counsel and used it. And it's not like I'm done either. A couple weeks I posted about my current weakest link and how I'm strengthening it.

So as we begin this new year, I encourage you to identify the areas where you can improve and ask for help from people you trust. Most importantly, use the help you ask for. You'll be glad you did.