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The Weakest Link

Barron Ryan

Iron link  by Andreas Levers

Iron link by Andreas Levers

I have a confession to make that will surprise absolutely no one. I'm not good at everything. I try to work diligently and communicate effectively, but there are (and always will be) deficiencies that hold me back from achieving maximum artistic greatness. The trick is to be okay with imperfection while still seeking to improve.

I've been feeling a little frustrated for a while, but didn't quite know what the issue was. I have a superb performance concept (if I may say so myself) in Keyboard Confidential, but it's taking longer than I'd like to catch on. Part of that is a reality check for my naively optimistic plan for the series' worldwide acclaim, but I recently realized that another part is my need to improve my ability to convert interest into commitment. Put simply, I need to get better at selling.

I've always thought of sales as a dirty word. The term 'salesman' suggested a sleazy guy in an ill-fitting suit and rubber-soled dress shoes, trying to get me into a used car. I wanted nothing to do with that guy. But at some point, valued artists have to convince people to actually pay for their art. That doesn't mean you can't still focus on relationships, but it does mean that you do need to steer those relationships toward action when appropriate.

I haven't yet learned how to become better at sales, I just realized that I need to. Right now it's my weakest link, and I need to make it stronger. What's yours, and what are you doing about it?