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Why I Don't Vine

Barron Ryan

Vines  by Ged Dackys

Vines by Ged Dackys

A few months ago, a good friend highly recommended that I get on Vine, the social medium that features users' six-second videos. It sounded like a no-brainer. I'd record myself playing short, impressive excerpts on the piano and attract a whole new following. What could be the downside?

So I starting vining. I made videos of music I was readying for performance (which were moderately popular) and more well-known tunes like Super Mario Brothers (which were more popular). People started liking and sharing my posts, and I was gaining traction.

So how did I become disenchanted with Vine? One word: productivity. Productivity consists of both the amount of work you put into a task and the result you get out of it, and with Vine I was losing on both fronts. I was putting in a lot of effort to set up interesting camera angles, practice the music I was going to record, make sure the excerpt was under six seconds, realize that it wasn't, try again, edit the clip to loop seamlessly, upload it, add tags and a catchy description …. It was exhausting.

All that work would have been worth it if the payoff were big, like getting an extra ten Keyboard Confidential concerts per year. But with most Vine users seeming to be high school or college students, I thought it highly unlikely that these new fans would hire me to perform in their homes.

So that's why I don't Vine. It could be a great outlet once I can make videos more efficiently or want to target the Vine demographic, but right now it's not a good idea. That's important to realize—you don't have to use every possible marketing tool or creative outlet that's available. Consider how much work you can put in and what results you'll achieve, and decide if it's worth it.